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Zurich, a world city with a big heart and bags of charm – well laid-out, homely and yet full of vibrant urban-life – it offers everything you could wish for. Relax by the beautiful Lake Zurich or visit any of the diverse museums, galleries or theatres. Stroll through the peaceful streets of the historic old town or take a shopping trip along the most famous Bahnhofstrasse in the world and be dazzled by the brilliant jewelry, fine watches and luxury products.

«SHOPPING & more ZURICH» is the trendy shopping guide for both locals and visitors to the city. With all the current news from the shopping metropolis, it delivers fresh inspiration to readers every month. In it you will find the latest tips on where to shop, explore and have fun, as well as information about events, cultural and tourist attractions, and lots of interesting facts about the beautiful city on the Limmat.

Our circulation runs to 27,000 copies, distributed in hotels in and around Zurich, in up-market resorts as well as renowned shops, banks and restaurants. In short – you’ll see the glossy new «SHOPPING & more ZURICH» wherever there’s a buying public.

Enjoy your time in our wonderful Limmat city with your informative companion «SHOPPING & more ZURICH» – whether you’re a visitor, resident or advertiser.

Our dedicated team is here for you and is happy to help you in your advertising activities. We look forward to hearing from you.



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27,000 copies


Jewellers, boutiques, renowned retail outlets in the city of Zürich and also in noble hotels and restaurants in Zurich and throughout Switzerland

German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian






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